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Haiku : Midday Nap

1-siliguri 047

Romping with dry leaves

The idyllic afternoon

Poured slumber in me

Shared with Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Souvenir on Sand

The magnificent sea waves always left us to wonder about the vastness of  nature . The magnitude with which the hungry waves devour the shore during high tides is awe-inspiring . But nature has so many things in store for us , which are small yet wonderful ; cliché  yet profound . These are some patterns on the sandy beach of Arabian Sea  which attracted my attention during ebb tide. These are made by the flow of waves in various ways . Just look at them and the first glance would give you the impression that you’re actually looking at the waves .

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Adam and Eve

There was anticipation in air 
The trees , smeared in heat 
Waited eagerly in reverence
The ground  ,  as thirsty as Tantalus 
Was muttering inaudible prayers.
Not a single ripple in the stream 
The earth stood still .
The sky , no more an azure one
The cardinal colour , as if 
Ready to witness , that first sin 
Committed by our eternal parents

And , then She came ,
Neither coy nor coquettish
Her first bite and lo ! 
They surrendered  to it
That powerful , poignant
Emotion which conquered all. 
The earth smiled , the wind chimed
Rainbow gilded their path .
They stood still as the sun rose 
With new rays and newer hopes .
     Amor Vincit Omnia

Shared with Poets United

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Ode to Onomatopoeia

Swoosh ! the leaves rustle 
Glee glee glee ….the giggling stream 
Brings a whiff of  fresh , clear water 
I sniff , I  snort , the smell of leaves 
I breathe in the flowers .
Splash ! I throw and 
Plop ! they go 
Pebbles and stones 
Clack ! the twigs wince 
Under my feet .
The bees buzz , the doves moan
The wind makes the wood babble
Rattling branches greet me 
Merrily , I enjoy the gabble.

Onomatopoeia is a figure of speech which describes sounding words i.e formation of words which imitate natural sounds .
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Holiday or Holy Day

1-Mumbai 221

Snowflakes whispered on the window pane
I watched  and watched with beaming eyes
Water droplets converted to crystals
As a steaming mug warmed my fingers.

I spent the day with waves tinkling my feet
Sand caressed my knees softly
Melody of leisure ameliorated
The nitty-gritty of methodical mundane life .

The ethereal cerulean layer melted with the setting sun
I watched and watched with beaming eyes
Nowhere to reach , I stopped the time
Holidaying with myself  , sublime.

Shared with Poets United Mid-week Motif ~~ Holy Days and Holidays

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1-Shantiniketan 016

grey drab chilling world 

life springs with the first blossom

adieu to winter

Inspired by Carpe Diem Haiku Kai where today’s prompt was : Spring

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